Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness (1989/2016} [Bandcamp FLAC 24bit/44,1kHz]

Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness (1989) [Full DR Remaster 2016]
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time – 35:10 minutes | 422 MB | Genre: Metal
Studio Master, Official Digital Download  – Source: Bandcamp | Front Cover | © Earache Records

“Altars of Madness” is the debut album of Florida-based death metal band Morbid Angel. The album is one of the earliest examples of death metal and is considered to have helped pioneer the sound along with Death’s “Scream Bloody Gore” in 1987, and set a new precedent for heaviness and extremity, both musically and lyrically. It is one of the most celebrated albums in death metal history, and one of the most influential heavy metal albums of all time.

Few albums struck a chord within the ears and minds of the late-’80s underground metal scene like Morbid Angel’s Altars of Madness did at the end of the decade, setting a new precedent for metal bands to reach. With the arguable exception of Chuck Schuldiner’s Death, never before had a heavy metal band carried their lightning-fast guitar riffs and equally spellbinding guitar solos into such horrific territory. Venom and Slayer redefined the extent to which a metal band could align itself with all things evil during the beginning of the decade, but Morbid Angel made these two groups sound like children’s music compared to the Florida-based group’s assaulting death metal sounds and their blasphemous lyrics. Bassist David Vincent took inspiration from the developing grindcore scene in England and from fellow Floridian Shuldiner for his snarling vocals. And if Vincent’s monstrous vocals aren’t scary enough, the band’s musical onslaught will surely send children and parents running away in fear. Guitarists Trey Azagthoth and Richard Brunelle construct some ridiculously fast-paced riffs and lay down some jaw-dropping solos as if the music is being played in fast-forward mode; similarly, drummer Pete Sandoval challenges one’s perception of how fast a drummer can possibly drum. In the end, though, what made the group so influential to the burgeoning death metal scene of the ’90s was not so much the group’s groundbreaking template for death metal – Death had already set the precedent for the musical style on the group’s 1987 Scream Bloody Gore album – but rather Vincent and Azagthoth’s near Satanic lyrics that seem far too sincere to be a pose. It wouldn’t be long before an entire new style of heavy metal called black metal would arise in Northern Europe in the early to mid-’90s around bands such as Emperor and Cradle of Filth, who initially took a large portion of their Satanic motifs from this album. Even though later Morbid Angel albums made this debut sound amateur in terms of sound quality and creativity, one cannot deny its influence.

01 – Immortal Rites
02 – Suffocation
03 – Visions from the Dark Side
04 – Maze of Torment
05 – Chapel of Ghouls
06 – Bleed for the Devil
07 – Damnation
08 – Blasphemy
09 – Evil Spells

Produced by Dig and Morbid Angel.
Recorded in December 1988 at Morrisound Recording in Tampa, Florida.
Remastered from the original tapes in Full Dynamic Range.

David Vincent – bass, vocals
Trey Azagthoth – lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Richard Brunelle – lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Pete Sandoval – drums



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