Daniel Barenboim, West-Eastern Divan Orchestra – Hommage a Boulez (2017) [Qobuz FLAC 24bit/48kHz]

Daniel Barenboim, West-Eastern Divan Orchestra – Hommage a Boulez (2017)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/48 kHz | Time – 02:22:22 minutes | 1,39 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Master, Official Digital Download – Source: Qobuz | Digital Booklet | © Deutsche Grammophon (DG)

Hommage à Boulez celebrates Daniel Barenboim’s and Pierre Boulez’ association, starting in June 1964, that for length and multifariousness, has few parallels in the history of music.

Pierre Boulez, one of the most distinguished musical personalities of our time, was honored with a very special gift on his 85th birthday. His close friend and artistic collaborator Daniel Barenboim arranged a concert with three key compositions by Boulez. the works were performed by members of Barenboim’s West-eastern Divan Orchestra at the Berlin Staatsoper “Unter den Linden”. at the helm was, next to Barenboim, the vigorous and highly concentrated Boulez himself.

the concert opens with “Messagesquisse” (1976), which is typical of Boulez’ late 1970s period. it leaves behind the strict serialism of the 1950s and opts for a more emotional musical idiom. Written in 1997, “Anthèmes 2” for solo violin and live electronics is a perfect example of the fusion of traditional instrumental colors and new electronic sounds. the closing work is Boulez’ early masterpiece, the work with which he made his international break- through as one of the leading gures of the young avant-garde generation: “le Marteau sans maître”. the nine-movement work pays tribute to the music of Schoenberg and Webern and is regarded as a “keystone of 20th-century music” (G. W. Hopkins in the new Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians).

Composer, conductor, musical thinker, writer, experimenter and administrator, Boulez began his career as a free-thinking revolutionary who demanded that opera houses be burned down. in the course of time, however, he reconciled with the musical establishment and, though unwaveringly pursuing his course as a composer, also became an internationally acclaimed conductor, especially of works from the late-romantic era (Wagner and Mahler) and the 20th century. His musical direction of Wagner’s “Chéreau Ring” from Bayreuth (available from Unitel) is a historical achievement.


1. Boulez: Dérive 2 48:59

Dialogue de l’ombre double
2. Sigle initial 01:05
3. Strophe I 02:21
4. Transition I à II 00:59
5. Strophe II 01:38
6. Transition II à III 01:47
7. Strophe III 01:19
8. Transition III à IV 00:46
9. Strophe IV 01:56
10. Transition IV à V 00:26
11. Strophe V 01:17
12. Transition V à VI 00:54
13. Strophe VI 01:45
14. Sigle final 03:00
15. Boulez: Mémoriale 05:48

Le Marteau sans Maître
16. Avant l’artisanat furieux. Rapide 01:56
17. Commentaire I de bourreaux de solitude. Lent 04:43
18. L’artisanat furieux. Modéré sans rigeur 02:27
19. Commentaire II de bourreaux de solitude. Rapide 04:21
20. Bel edifice et les pressentiments – Version première. Assez vif 04:10
21. Bourreaux de solitude. Assez lent 04:40
22. Aprés l’artisanat furieux. Rapide 01:08
23. Commentaire III de bourreaux de solitude. Assez lent 06:07
24. Bel édifice et les pressentiments – Double. Tempo libre de récit 08:34

Anthèmes 2
25. Lent – /I Libre 00:00:29 Indisp. à l’unité Écoute indisp.
26. I.Très lent, avec beaucoup de flexibilité – I/ II Libre 01:16
27. II. Rapide, dynamique, très rythmique, rigide – II/ III Libre 02:18
28. III. Lent, régulier – Nerveux, irrégulier – III/ IV Libre 01:49
29. IV. Agité, instable – IV/V Libre 01:49
30. V. Très lent, avec beaucoup de flexibilité – Subitement nerveux et extrêmement irrégulier – V/VI Libre 01:23
31. VI. 1. Allant, assez serré dans le tempo 02:24
32. VI. 2. Calme, régulier – Agité – Brusque 05:18
33. VI. 3. Calme, sans traîner, d’un mouvement très régulier – Libre 02:59

34. Très lent 03:06
35. Très rapide 02:12
36. Sans tempo, libre 04:17
37. Aussi rapide que possible 00:56

Hilary Summers, mezzosopran
Hassan Moataz el Molla, Cello
Michael Barenboim, Violine, Electronics
West-Eastern Divan Orchestra
Daniel Barenboim, Dirigent
Pierre Boulez, Dirigent



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