Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (1977) [35th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition ‘2013] [HDTracks 24bit/96kHz]

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (1977) [35th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition ‘2013]
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96kHz (16-bit/44,1kHz) | Time – 3:46:49 minutes | 1,89 GB | Genre: Rock
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: Front cover | Source: HDTracks | @ Rhino/Warner Bros

The multi-Platinum album, Rumours, became Fleetwood Mac’s most celebrated recording and one of the bestselling records of all time. It earned Fleetwood Mac the GRAMMY for Album of the Year. With over forty million copies sold since its debut, this super deluxe edition features unreleased live recording from the group’s 77 world tour, unreleased takes from the album’s recording sessions and an album of outtakes. Absolutely essential.

Rumours is the kind of album that transcends its origins and reputation, entering the realm of legend — it’s an album that simply exists outside of criticism and outside of its time, even if it thoroughly captures its era. Prior to this LP, Fleetwood Mac were moderately successful, but here they turned into a full-fledged phenomenon, with Rumours becoming the biggest-selling pop album to date. While its chart success was historic, much of the legend surrounding the record is born from the group’s internal turmoil. Unlike most bands, Fleetwood Mac in the mid-’70s were professionally and romantically intertwined, with no less than two couples in the band, but as their professional career took off, the personal side unraveled. Bassist John McVie and his keyboardist/singer wife Christine McVie filed for divorce as guitarist/vocalist Lindsey Buckingham and vocalist Stevie Nicks split, with Stevie running to drummer Mick Fleetwood, unbeknown to the rest of the band. These personal tensions fueled nearly every song on Rumours, which makes listening to the album a nearly voyeuristic experience. You’re eavesdropping on the bandmates singing painful truths about each other, spreading nasty lies and rumors and wallowing in their grief, all in the presence of the person who caused the heartache. Everybody loves gawking at a good public breakup, but if that was all that it took to sell a record, Richard and Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out the Lights would be multi-platinum. No, what made Rumours an unparalleled blockbuster is the quality of the music. Once again masterminded by producer/songwriter/guitarist Buckingham, Rumours is an exceptionally musical piece of work — he toughens Christine McVie and softens Nicks, adding weird turns to accessibly melodic works, which gives the universal themes of the songs haunting resonance. It also cloaks the raw emotion of the lyrics in deceptively palatable arrangements that made a tune as wrecked and tortured as “Go Your Own Way” an anthemic hit. But that’s what makes Rumours such an enduring achievement — it turns private pain into something universal. Some of these songs may be too familiar, whether through their repeated exposure on FM radio or their use in presidential campaigns, but in the context of the album, each tune, each phrase regains its raw, immediate emotional power — which is why Rumours touched a nerve upon its 1977 release, and has since transcended its era to be one of the greatest, most compelling pop albums of all time.

CD1 #01 – Second Hand News
CD1 #02 – Dreams
CD1 #03 – Never Going Back Again
CD1 #04 – Don’t Stop
CD1 #05 – Go Your Own Way
CD1 #06 – Songbird
CD1 #07 – The Chain
CD1 #08 – You Make Loving Fun
CD1 #09 – I Don’t Want To Know
CD1 #10 – Oh Daddy
CD1 #11 – Gold Dust Woman
CD1 #12 – Silver Springs (B-Side) [Bonus Track]

CD2 #01 – Intro(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #02 – Monday Morning(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #03 – Dreams(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #04 – Don’t Stop(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #05 – The Chain(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #06 – Oh Daddy(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #07 – Rhiannon(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #08 – Never Going Back Again(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #09 – Gold Dust Woman(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #10 – World Turning(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #11 – Go Your Own Way(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)
CD2 #12 – Songbird(Live, 1977 “Rumours” World Tour)

CD3 #01 – Second Hand News (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #02 – Dreams (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #03 – Brushes (Never Going Back Again) (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #04 – Don’t Stop (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #05 – Go Your Own Way (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #06 – Songbird (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #07 – Silver Springs (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #08 – You Make Loving Fun (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #09 – Gold Dust Woman (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #10 – Oh Daddy (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #11 – Think About It (Sessions, Roughs & Outtakes)
CD3 #12 – Never Going Back Again (Early Demo)
CD3 #13 – Planets Of The Universe (Early Demo)
CD3 #14 – Butter Cookie (Keep Me There) (Early Demo)
CD3 #15 – Gold Dust Woman (Early Demo)
CD3 #16 – Doesn’t Anything Last (Early Demo)
CD3 #17 – Mic The Screecher (Jam Session)
CD3 #18 – For Duster (The Blues) (Jam Session)

CD4 #01 – Second Hand News (Early Take)
CD4 #02 – Dreams (Take 2)
CD4 #03 – Never Going Back Again (Acoustic Duet)
CD4 #04 – Go Your Own Way (Early Take)
CD4 #05 – Songbird (Demo)
CD4 #06 – Songbird (Instrumental, Take 10)
CD4 #07 – I Don’t Want To Know (Early Take)
CD4 #08 – Keep Me There (Instrumental)
CD4 #09 – The Chain (Demo)
CD4 #10 – Keep Me There (With Vocal)
CD4 #11 – Gold Dust Woman (Early Take)
CD4 #12 – Oh Daddy (Early Take)
CD4 #13 – Silver Springs (Early Take)
CD4 #14 – Planets Of The Universe (Demo)
CD4 #15 – Doesn’t Anything Last (Acoustic Duet)
CD4 #16 – Never Going Back Again (Instrumental)

Please note: disc 1 track “12” and discs 2/3/4 are 44.1kHz/16bit.



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