Kalafina – Seventh Heaven [Mora FLAC 24bit/96kHz]

レーベル Sony Music Labels Inc.
配信開始日 2015.09.16
収録曲数 全14曲
販売データ ハイレゾ|FLAC|96.0kHz/24bit





劇場版「空の境界」第一章主題歌『oblivious』から第七章主題歌『seventh heaven』までの全主題歌を収録

1 “overture” 1:34
2 “oblivious” (Kara no Kyoukai chapter 1 theme song) 4:22
3 “love come down” 4:44
4 “Natsu no Ringo (夏の林檎, Summer Apples?)” 4:03
5 “fairytale” (Kara no Kyoukai chapter 6 theme song) 5:13
6 “ARIA” (Kara no Kyoukai chapter 4 theme song) 5:24
7 “Mata Kaze ga Tsuyoku natta (また風が強くなった, The Wind Became Strong Again?)” 4:57
8 “Kizuato (傷跡, Scar?)” (Kara no Kyoukai chapter 3 theme song) 4:39
9 “serenato” 4:53
10 “Ongaku (音楽, Music?)” 5:38
11 “Ashita no Keshiki (明日の景色, The Scenery of Tomorrow?)” 5:25
12 “sprinter” (Kara no Kyoukai chapter 5 theme song) 5:05
13 “Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete yuku (君が光に変えて行く, You Turn It Into Light?)” (Kara no Kyoukai chapter 2 theme song) 4:43
14 “seventh heaven” (Kara no Kyoukai chapter 7 theme song) 6:12



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