Lautten Compagney – Time Zones (2020) [FLAC 24bit/96kHz]

Lautten Compagney – Time Zones (2020)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96 kHz | Time – 01:10:18 minutes | 1,36 GB | Genre: Classical
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Digital Booklet, Front Cover | © deutsche harmonia mundi

Satie meets Scheidt: time and again the lautten compagney Berlin attracts attention with unusually conceived albums. With the globally highly praised “Timeless” the skilful connection of the early Baroque music of Tarquinio Merula with the Minimal Music of Philipp Glass succeeded. with the Album “War & Peace” an exciting arc was struck from the Thirty Years ‘ War to the time after the end of the first World War and the Album “Circle Line” combines Renaissance music by Guillaume Dufay with works by Cage, Monk and Glass – a fascinating sound journey with baroque instruments.

The new Album “Time Zones” combines music by the German early Baroque composer Samuel Scheidt (1587-1654) with works by the Frenchman Erik Satie (1866-1925), who is famous today above all for his sometimes delicate, sometimes ironic piano pieces. On “Time Zones”, the lautten compagney under the direction of ensemble founder Wolfgang Katschner combines Arrangements of selected piano pieces by Satie with instrumental works from important collections by Samuel Scheidt. The compositions selected by Erik Satie include the famous “Gymnopedie No. 3” and the “Gnossienne No. 3″. 4 ” were specially arranged for this recording by Bo Wiget for the special instrumental instrumentation of the lute compagney with its Lutes, trombones and strings. In the case of Samuel Scheidt, the choice fell primarily on ensemble pieces from two large collections, the “Ludi Musici” and the “LXX symphonies”. Between 1621 and 1627 Scheidt published a total of four volumes of instrumental works under the title “Ludi musici”. And already the 1st volume with its around 30 pieces amazes with an enormous wealth of dance movements. Interestingly, the composer almost completely renounces concrete instrumentation, which leaves the interpreter certain freedoms then as now. Two decades later Samuel Scheidt published the collection “lxx symphonies”, which are short three – part set instrumental pieces that were obviously intended as preludes and interludes for his spiritual concerts or Motets. Even with “Time Zones”, the listener is simply amazed at how well the music of Samuel Scheidt and Erik Satie fits together – even though there are almost three centuries between them. The also sound-technically outstanding production was created in Berlin as a co-production of deutsche harmonia mundi with Deutschlandradio.


1. Lautten Compagney – Canzon ad imitationem Bergamasca, SSWV 64
2. Lautten Compagney – Pièces Froides: I. Airs à faire fuir, No. 1, D’une manière très particulière (arr. for baroque ensemble)
3. Lautten Compagney – Pièces Froides: I. Airs à faire fuir, No. 2, Modestement (arr. for baroque ensemble)
4. Lautten Compagney – Cantiones sacrae: No. 1: Herr, wie lang wiltu mein sogar vergessen, SSWV 1
5. Lautten Compagney – Pièces Froides: I. Airs à faire fuir, No. 3, S’inviter (arr. for baroque ensemble)
6. Lautten Compagney – Ludi musici I, No. 23: Courant, SSWV 61
7. Lautten Compagney – Ludi musici I, No. 24: Gaillard, SSWV 62
8. Lautten Compagney – Ludi musici I, No. 9: Courant Dolorosa, SSWV 47
9. Lautten Compagney – Ludi musici I, No. 11: Courant, SSWV 49
10. Lautten Compagney – Gymnopédie No. 3: Lent et grave (arr. for baroque ensemble)
11. Lautten Compagney – Ludi musici I, No. 17: Courant, SSWV 55
12. Lautten Compagney – Avant-dernières pensées: I. Idylle, à Debussy (arr. for baroque ensemble)
13. Lautten Compagney – Avant-dernières pensées: II. Aubade, à Paul Dukas (arr. for baroque ensemble)
14. Lautten Compagney – Avant-dernières pensées: III. Méditation, à Albert Roussel (arr. for baroque ensemble)
15. Lautten Compagney – Symphonie aus dem C, No. 9, SSWV 379
16. Lautten Compagney – Geistliche Konzerte II: No. 6, Miserere mei Deus, SSWV 223
17. Lautten Compagney – Descriptions automatiques: I. Sur un vaisseau (arr. for baroque ensemble)
18. Lautten Compagney – Descriptions automatiques: II. Sur une lanterne (arr. for baroque ensemble)
19. Lautten Compagney – Descriptions automatiques: III. Sur un casque (arr. for baroque ensemble)
20. Lautten Compagney – Ludi musici I, No. 22: Intrada, SSWV 60
21. Lautten Compagney – Sarabande No. 3 (arr. for baroque ensemble)
22. Lautten Compagney – Gnossienne No. 4: Lent (arr. for baroque ensemble)
23. Lautten Compagney – Symphonie aus dem A, No. 9, SSWV 439
24. Lautten Compagney – Suite for Saxophone and Piano: II. Air (arr. for baroque ensemble)
25. Lautten Compagney – Bassnachtigall, Op. 38: III. Fuga
26. Lautten Compagney – Les Oiseaux (arr. for baroque ensemble)
27. Lautten Compagney – Symphonie aus dem G-moll, No. 7, SSWV 417
28. Lautten Compagney – Symphonie aus dem G-moll, No. 6, SSWV 416
29. Lautten Compagney – Sonatine bureaucratique: I. Allegro (arr. for baroque ensemble)
30. Lautten Compagney – Sonatine bureaucratique: II. Andante (arr. for baroque ensemble)
31. Lautten Compagney – Sonatine bureaucratique: III. Vivace (arr. for baroque ensemble)
32. Lautten Compagney – Laudate Dominum in sanctis, No. 4, SSWV 72
33. Lautten Compagney – Laudate Dominum in sanctis, No. 5, SSWV 72
34. Lautten Compagney – Laudate Dominum in sanctis, No. 8, SSWV 72



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