Various Artists – World Sleep Day 2024 (2024) [FLAC 24bit/44,1kHz]

Various Artists - World Sleep Day 2024 (2024) [FLAC 24bit/44,1kHz] Download

Various Artists – World Sleep Day 2024 (2024)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time – 03:14:14 minutes | 1,61 GB | Genre: Classical, Modern Classical
Studio Masters, Official Digital Download | Front Cover | © Decca Records US

In recognition of World Sleep Day, 22 established and up-and-coming artists have come together to unveil 50 brand new tracks. The musicians, coming from nine different labels within Universal Music Group, have debuted new compositions aimed at creating a tranquil environment conducive to a soothing night’s sleep.

Spanning jazz and classical music, the variety of new compositions, arrangements and remixes, creates a one-of-a-kind collection that truly celebrates World Sleep Day–an annual event organized by World Sleep Society.Showcasing a diverse range of talent from across the globe, the collection features many of today’s most exciting composers. From renowned contemporary and post-classical composers Max Richter, Sophie Hutchings, Chad Lawson, and Gabríel Ólafs, to burgeoning jazz artists Brandee Younger and Julius Rodriguez. Newcomers to the World Sleep Day initiative include Sarah Neutkens, Akira Kosemura, and Joep Beving.

World Sleep Day is an annual call to action about the importance of healthy sleep. An internationally recognized awareness event, it focuses on the impact of sound sleep habits on overall well-being. Readers looking to better their sleep can try Your Sleep Station, a peaceful place where soothing music, sounds and images combine to create the perfect background environment for your night’s sleep. The item is available free via web browser on all devices at

The aforementioned Richter has been a pioneer of music-for-sleeping compositions since he released the aptly-titled Sleep in 2015. The award-winning German-born and UK-raised composer and pianist Max Richter’s landmark eight-hour post-minimalist lullaby Sleep, feels as if it was made for World Sleep Day. It wasn’t, but makes a perfect fit – after all, Richter has staged a string of night-time performances (complete with beds for the audiences), during which he has performed in entirety the work for piano, string quintet, electronics, and vocals.

Sleep was the landmark work Richter was born to compose, bringing together all the strands of his compositional life (from opera to ambient) in a readily relatable, bewitching conceptual and durational piece, the influence of which seemed to have galvanized all the post-classical acts who were waiting in the wings.

The years since Sleep’s release have seen an explosion in works indebted to Richter, but none has come close to the monumental impact of Sleep. Influenced by the symphonic works of Mahler, the work consists of 31 variations on a small set of themes and features the suitably rich and moving voice of soprano singer Grace Davidson. The American Contemporary Music Ensemble provides mysterious, drifting string quintet interludes which, in the eight-hour version (as the body moves between deep sleep and dreams), blend into the slow, splendid, and stirring “Dream” and “Path” melodies which have made Sleep such a populist composition – particularly for World Sleep Day.


1-1. Max Richter – Dream 0 (till break of day) (Piano Short Edit) (03:45)
1-2. Lara Somogyi – jól (03:06)
1-3. Chad Lawson – Stay (Pt. 1 Endel Sleep Soundscape) (03:39)
1-4. Jordi Forniés – The Dream I Paint (03:05)
1-5. Yiruma – la mia notte (03:07)
1-6. Gabríel Ólafs – Mamma (03:11)
1-7. Akira Kosemura – Waltz In A Dream (02:17)
1-8. Tony Ann – ICARUS (Sleep Version) (03:17)
1-9. Stephan Moccio – Communion (04:15)
1-10. Sophie Hutchings – From The Outside In (03:50)
1-11. Viktor Orri Árnason – Words and Dreams (05:13)
1-12. Meredi – Nachtigall (piano version) (02:19)
1-13. Chad Lawson – Of Twilight Skies (Dream Rework) (02:13)
1-14. Max Richter – Return 2 (song) (Piano Short Edit) (04:19)
1-15. Julius Asal – December 32nd (Piano Solo Version) (04:38)
1-16. Brandee Younger – Brown Brown Baby (02:34)
1-17. Julius Rodriguez – Where Grace Abounds (Highland Park Sleep Collective Remix) (04:32)
1-18. Lambert – The TV Slow (Sleep Version) (03:55)
1-19. Alexandra Whittingham – Truman Sleeps (Arr. Cousins for Guitar) (02:28)
1-20. Moux – heart pieces (02:29)
1-21. Gabríel Ólafs – Draumheimar (03:32)
1-22. Nicola Benedetti – Spiegel Im Spiegel (Ambient Mix) (03:14)
1-23. Julius Rodriguez – Memories At Close Range (03:06)
1-24. Ola Gjeilo – Still (Ambient Mix) (02:58)
1-25. Lara Somogyi – álom (04:51)
1-26. Akira Kosemura – Sleepwalk (01:57)
1-27. Chad Lawson – fields of forever (sleep rework) (03:41)
1-28. Snorri Hallgrimsson – D’un vieux Jardin (Snorri Hallgrímsson Rework) (03:35)
1-29. Luke Howard – Conception (04:29)
1-30. Sophie Hutchings – Time To Forget (04:12)
1-31. 薛汀哲 – Poetry Of Rain (Sleep Rework) (01:52)
1-32. Elliott Jack Sansom – Falling (02:24)
1-33. Daigo Hanada – Haku (02:42)
1-34. Gabríel Ólafs – Somnía (01:32)
1-35. Max Richter – Non-eternal (Piano Short Edit) (04:23)
1-36. Stephan Moccio – Nightingale (03:06)
1-37. Chad Lawson – when the party’s over (Slowed Remix) (03:54)
1-38. Jordi Forniés – Hela Nokto (03:01)
1-39. Wei Luo – Nocturne (03:58)
1-40. Keaton Henson – Tokyo Laundry (02:52)
1-41. Sarah Neutkens – Hexagon (Upright Piano) (05:35)
1-42. Gabríel Ólafs – Oríensa (02:23)
1-43. Stephan Moccio – pt. 1 Owl Light (03:09)
1-44. Luke Howard – A Bad Dream That Will Pass Away (02:56)
1-45. Elliott Jack Sansom – I’ll Meet You On The Clouds (World Sleep Day Mix) (03:12)
1-46. Chad Lawson – the color of the sky (sleep rework) (02:56)
1-47. Teddy Abrams – Fourth Mode (02:43)
1-48. Max Richter – SLEEP: Tranquility Base (Single Edit) (04:55)
1-49. Erland Cooper – Do Birds Dream? (Edit) (05:42)
1-50. Chad Lawson – In the Waiting (Pt. 1 Endel Sleep Soundscape) (03:36)
1-51. Balmorhea – Solanales (05:32)
1-52. Peter Gregson – Mirror (03:14)
1-53. Anna – Receiving (Jon Hopkins Piano Version) (06:23)
1-54. Hera Hyesang Park – II. Lento e Largo – Tranquillissimo (08:05)

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